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GDI - Mission 7 'Rescue Tratos'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Rescue Tratos.
  • Objective 2: Destroy any NOD presence

You start out with Umagon, Ghoststalker, and a mutant hijacker. Try to get a feel for these three, because you'll see them again often in the missions ahead. Umagon can kill infantry with one shot, but doesn't do much damage to anything else. Ghoststalker is lethal to infantry and vehicles, and he can plant C4 charges in buildings, but you have to be careful with him. His rail gun will kill anything between him and his target, so try to keep his line-of-sight clear. I never find much use for the hijacker. Umagon and Ghoststalker are all the firepower you need.

At the start of the mission, move your units west, killing everything you see. There is a big tiberium patch nearby, so you can heal your units if they get hit. Eventually, you'll come to a NOD mini-base. It has an observation tower out front. If any of your units wander into its view, an alarm will go off, and you will have to rescue Tratos within 4 minutes. Instead, sneak around the side of the base and notice the power plant. There are crates around it, and if you shoot the crates, they will explode and take out the power plant, too. Now the observation tower has no power, and so you can destroy the min-base in any way you want.

Continuing southwest, you will notice the prison camp. The corner closest to you has crates around it, and so you can blow them up and create a hole in the laser fencing. This will start the 4-minute timer, but Umagon and Ghoststalker should be able to kill off anything that comes their way, and still give Umagon enough time to walk to the hospital and free Tratos.

Once Tratos is out of the hospital, a transport ship will arrive on the far eastern side of the map. Also, one of the broken bridges you passed earlier will become whole. To finish rescuing Tratos, walk him over to the transport ship -- but not right away. As soon as he leaves, your mutant units will leave as well. So just get Tratos out of harm's way and then let Ghoststalker and Umagon pick apart the main NOD base. They should be able to kill a few units and bring down some fencing and lasers. When you get bored with them, send Tratos to the ship. They'll leave and reinforcements will arrive, including an MCV. Soon after this, NOD will sell off the prison camp, leaving only the main camp.

Move the MCV west so it is near two tiberium patches. You will receive more reinforcements when you deploy the MCV and when you build a tiberium refinery. This should give you a large force of wolverines and titans. You can go ahead and start attacking the main NOD base at this point. It will have several lasers and tick tanks for defense, plus assorted infantry and cyborgs, but it will not withstand a pounding from titans and wolverines for very long.




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