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GDI - Mission 8 'Destroy Vega's Dam'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Vega's dam.

This is the western most mission choice.

There are two ways to meet the objectives. You can either destroy the dams themselves, or you can destroy the regulator stations, which will in turn destroy the dams. There are also two ways to get into the main NOD base. This guide will be for the most interesting of the four possible methods.

The NOD forces start out pretty smart. When they see you coming, they blow up the bridge leading to one of their mini-bases. Do not fear, though. By traveling south and then looping around back north, you can arrive on the other side of the bridge and destroy the base. Your prize for doing so will be a health crate and reinforcements.

Move generally southeast until you arrive at a land bridge. Reinforcements will arrive, and to the north of the bridge will be a truck with another health crate. Try to use the crates sparingly.

A little farther north is a city of sorts with three SAM sites and two tick tanks. There will also be a flame tank in the area, so be ready to scatter your infantry. When you destroy the tick tanks, you will receive reinforcements. When you destroy the SAM sites, you will receive a single engineer before the transport is shot down. Move the engineer west and have him repair the bridge.

Move your troops north and have them cross the newly-repaired bridge. Kill the NOD troops in the area, and then move your forces north to a tunnel. The tunnel leads to the northeastern corner of the map -- and the back door to the NOD base. Use your titans to destroy the lasers, and use your wolverines and infantry to kill the enemy infantry. One of the two regulator stations is on this side of the NOD base, and the other is to the southwest across a bridge. Once the regulator stations are gone, the NOD power plants will blow up, and then the dams will blow up.




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