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GDI - Mission 9 'Destroy Vega's Base'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture Vega's Pyramid
  • Objective 2: Destroy all NOD forces.

There are three islands on the map. The island you start on is in the northeastern part of the map, Vega's main base is on an island to the west, and a NOD mini-base is on an island to the south. Take the starting units and explore your island. There are seven SAM sites you need to destroy before you can receive reinforcements.

Once the SAM sites are gone, you will receive an MCV and two titans. Deploy the MCV where it stops, and set up your base. Your titans and infantry should be enough to hold off NOD for a while, but be wary of APC attacks. Early in the mission NOD will send an APC with two engineers right to your construction yard. Have some infantry units around to make sure the engineers don't get anywhere. You might also want to pave a lot of your base when you have the time. NOD will eventually send flame tanks at you, and they like to pop up right next to your infantry.

You can safely ignore the game's suggestion to use amphibious APC units to reach the other islands. There are bridges connecting the islands, and neither bridge is particularly well defended. There is a danger with the southern bridge, however. It is guarded by an artillery unit, and simply sending wolverines and titans across the bridge will just get the bridge destroyed. Luckily, the southern NOD base has no air defense (other than rocket infantry) and so you can send some jump jet infantry to destroy the artillery.

There is no trick to defeating the enemy bases. Just sending in titans and wolverines to pound away will work. Once you have captured Vega's pyramid and destroyed every NOD structure right down to the last piece of laser fencing, the mission will be complete.




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