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Nod - Mission 1 'The Messiah Returns'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Build a Tiberian refinery.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all of Hassan's troops.

Watch the super buggy kill two infantry at once, and then get to work with your base. You need to build a refinery, and you need to train a lot of infantry.

There is an unguarded entrance to your base to the north, and it leads to a patch of tiberium. Put some troops there to keep it safe. The entrance to the east has two lasers guarding it. That's all the defense it needs.

Since you're fighting NOD troops in this mission, be wary of subterranean APC attacks. Hassan will send three at you: one near the north entrance of the base, one inside the base to the east, and one inside the base to the west. Each attack will only have three light infantry units in it, so they should be easy to to defeat.

Gather an attack force of ten infantry or so, and start exploring the map. Most of Hassan's troops will attack your base and get killed that way, but there are also two buggies that must be located and destroyed.




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