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Nod - Mission 10 'Escort Bio-toxin Trucks'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the bio-toxin trucks and escort them to safety.

This is the northen most mission choice.

The cyborg commando is pretty powerful, and he can probably kill all of the GDI forces on the map by himself. So just about any path you take will allow you to finish the mission successfully. This is just one way.

Follow the mutant guide east. He's under computer control, and he'll remain that way for the remainder of the mission. He'll probably also get killed because he runs right into a GDI patrol.

Mop up the patrol with your units, and then have an engineer fix the bridge. Be careful crossing the bridge because there are a titan and hover tank in the area, and the bridge is fragile. One hit will break it and send whatever units you have on it down the river.

After killing the titan and hover tank, move north along the coast. You'll come to a ramp leading north. Sending a unit up the ramp will trigger a meteor shower, so use one of your engineers.

Beyond the ramp to the north is the base with the bio-toxin trucks. The buildings are damaged, but you can use an engineer to fix one, or sell the gate and use the resulting credits to repair the buildings normally. There is a hospital in the base, and the cyborg commander can use it to be restored to full health.

The checkpoint area where you need to send the trucks will also be revealed. It is east of the base, beyond a small GDI outpost. The outpost is guarded by a vulcan cannon and a titan, plus a few infantry units. The cyborg commando has better range than the cannon, so dispatching that should be no problem, and the commando and your remaining units should be able to kill the titan quickly. Now just send the trucks to the checkpoint to finish the mission.




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