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Nod - Mission 11 'Destroy GDI Research Facility'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Rally the mutants.
  • Objective 2: Secure the tunnel.
  • Objective 3: Locate and destroy the research facility.

Send your spy north to a cargo truck. Next to it will be a wounded GDI infantry unit, which the spy can kill easily. The mutants will appear and start following the spy.

Move west and kill whatever GDI patrols you run into. Eventually you'll come to the western end of the tunnel. Head into the tunnel and kill the titan on the other side. When it is dead the tunnel will be secure and you'll receive an MCV and some other reinforcements.

The mutants will begin to do their own thing -- which basically amounts to them throwing themselves into the GDI defenses and getting killed. Move your units up to the plateau over the tunnel where a tiberium waste facility and two power plants are located. Capture the waste facility and the two cargo trucks from the last mission will arrive, and you will be able to shoot off one missile. But don't shoot it right away. Attacking GDI only encourages them to attack back, and you don't want that yet.

Start up your base. Put one refinery near the tiberium patch to the east, and then extend your base towards the patch to the southwest and put another one there. This is the first mission where you get to build artillery units so defense shouldn't be a worry. Four artillery units can kill most attacks before they even get to your base.

The plateau your base is on extends to the northeast, close to a small GDI base. Build three artillery units and support them with some rocket infantry, and then move them along the plateau as close to the base as possible. Bombard the base to take out its defenses, and then send in the engineers to capture what you want.

The main GDI base is north of this small base. There is a bridge connecting the two, but as soon as you send a unit across, GDI will blow the bridge up. So send a light infantry unit across, and then send an engineer through the tiberium patch to the east, up the ramp, and then over to the bridge to fix it. There is a guarding vulcan cannon, but your artillery can make short work of it.

Now it is just a matter of pummeling the GDI base. With artillery and lots of credits rolling in, defeating the base shouldn't be a problem. The research facility is to the north, and destroying it will end the mission.




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