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Nod - Mission 12 'Rescue the Villainess'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Rescue and evacuate Oxanna.

Watch the prison break. When it is concluded, you'll have control of a cyborg commando, Slavik, a subterranean APC, two engineers, and some support units. Bring all your units to the prison area, and then kill the two titans that approach. You can also be clever and draw the titans south and then sink them as they try to cross the ice.

With the titans gone, use the commando to take out the two vulcan cannon, and use the engineers to capture a power station and the radar installation. You'll be shown Oxanna's prison location. Put Slavik and the commando into the APC and send the APC to the north of Oxanna's prison. The commando can easily kill the guarding infantry and vulcan cannon.

At this point the transport will arrive. You don't need to capture it with engineers; all you have to do is put Slavik and Oxanna aboard. To that end, load them and the commando into the APC and send it to the transport. Have the commando kill the defending infantry, titan, and vulcan cannon, and then put everybody aboard the transport.

If you like playing with the commando, you can also use the slow method and ignore the APC. Just walk the commando and your support troops where ever you need to go, and blow up everything you come across. Whee!




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