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Nod - Mission 14 'Destroy Mammoth Mk. II Prototype'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Spy on a communications center.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the Mammoth Mk. II prototype.

Your spy has a good range of vision, and he is invisible to enemy troops, so use him to scout around for a while. There are a few communications (aka upgrade) centers on the map, but don't be in a hurry to infiltrate any of them. Expose large portions of the map instead, and then enter a communications center when you've seen enough.

At this point you'll see a demonstration of the Mammoth Mark. II prototype. It looks mean, but it can't stand up to concentrated fire. Next you'll receive an MCV, three attack cycles, and three tick tanks. Send them north to the communications center along the western side of the map. Deploy your MCV so you can put a refinery right next to the two tiberium fields.

You'll come under attack right away from GDI patrols, but your starting units should be able to take care of them. Get a barracks up as soon as possible so you can train some infantry to help out against the enemy infantry. Then set up your defenses in a normal way: some lasers, a few artillery units, and perhaps an obelisk if you want one. At some point an MM2 might attack your base, but don't get excited. The mission won't end when you kill it. GDI is just cheating a little.

Now build four banshees and four helipads. There is a church in the northwest corner that has a money crate under it, and that can help pay for the expenses. Look back at the demonstration site and notice the SAM turret. Have your banshees take that out. They'll get damaged, but none should get killed. If you don't have a repair vehicle, build one to keep your banshees healthy.

The first banshee attack will expose another SAM turret, so have the banshees take that out next. This second attack will expose the MM2, and you will only need one last attack in order to take that out. When it blows up, the mission will be over.




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