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Nod - Mission 15 'Capture Jake McNeil'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Persuade Jake to join the Brotherhood.

Ah, subterfuge. You will have three APC's, two filled with engineers, and one holding a single rocket infantry unit. Load the toxin soldiers into the latter APC and head west, staying as far south as possible. You'll come to a ramp leading south and you should take it. You'll come to an observation tower, but you can pass it safely to the south. Finally, you'll pass a civilian building called ``WS Logging Company'' and enter a cul-de-sac.

Unload the toxin soldiers and rocket infantry. One of the plateau walls can be shot to form a ramp -- but only by the rocket infantry. Once the ramp is there, go up it and enter the GDI base from behind.

Move the toxin soldiers in first to kill the enemy infantry, and then send in the engineers to steal all of the buildings. When you capture the construction yard, the guns will stop functioning. If you lose one of your engineers, don't worry; you have one extra. Do no destroy any of the gun turrets or buildings, or else McNeil will notice the trap. However, you can train some disc throwers. You will have to kill two wolverines eventually, and the extra support will come in handy.

Now wait for McNeil to show up. If you've done everything correctly, he will enter the base. At that point, it is safe to attack. Even if McNeil discovers the trap, he will run south and towards your starting position. Either shoot him right away, or chase him down and then shoot him. Then send him to the starting position and put him in the subterranean APC.

If McNeil discovers the trap before entering the base, you will have more work to do. He will run to the northeastern corner of the map to wait for a transport. You will have 30 minutes to get a toxin soldier over there to shoot him. Sell off all of the buildings you captured, and train as many troops as possible. With the resulting horde of infantry, you should be able to fight your way to McNeil and shoot him. Once McNeil has been persuaded, I'm pretty sure he is always indestructible, so at that point you will have essentially won the mission.




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