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Nod - Mission 16 'Illegal Data Transfer'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Infiltrate the three communications centers.
  • Objective 2: Evacuate the spy.

This is the southern most mission choice.

The front door is never a good idea, so scoot around to the west and head north. You'll encounter a GDI patrol along the way, but your forces should have no problem with it. Continue north and you should find a mobile sensor array. Destroy it so your spy stays hidden.

North of this location is a plateau wall that you can shoot, so do so. Send the spy alone up the ramp, and then hug the northern edge of the map while heading east. You'll find a communications center and be able to steal the first code.

Move the spy back to the other troops, and notice that the plateau wall to the southeast can also be shot. Doing so reveals an entrance to yet another communications center. Send the spy in to get the second code.

Also send you other troops down the ramp, and have them kill the infantry unit blocking the way. Send your spy east, have him skirt around two sentries, and then find the road leading east. The road leads to the third communications center, but a wolverine patrols the road. Move the spy east but have him stay as far north of the road as possible. He should be able to get into the communications center unseen and steal the last code.

At this point a transport will arrive almost directly south of your current position. Skirt around the wolverine again and get into the transport. Mission complete.




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