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Nod - Mission 17 'A New Beginning'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Deploy the three ICBM launchers before the Philadelphia can make three passes.

Watch Jake run into the base and turn off the firestorm walls. Then kill off the defending GDI forces and get to work setting up your base. Capture the firestorm generator (but sell it) and the four power stations, but wait on the refinery. GDI will shoot the refinery with the ion cannon and then repair it, and you can save credits by capturing it afterwards. You should also construct a refinery of your own, and place it close to the tiberium patch to the west.

There are no convenient land masses to control access to your base, so you'll need to spread your defenses around. Place lasers around the perimeter and keep a few artillery inside. Once GDI attacks a couple times and you have an idea about where they'll attack each time, place obelisks there. For the most part GDI attacks will consist of at most three or four heavy vehicles, and your artillery might be able to wipe them out before they even get to your base, but it's better to be safe than sorry. GDI will also send some jump jet infantry on occasion, but two or three SAM sites are enough for them.

When you build your radar installation, the three launch sites will be highlighted on the radar view. Soon after that, a timer will start, but don't be misled; you get a new timer for each pass of the Philadelphia, so you really have three hours to finish the mission and not one hour. You can actually finish the mission in one hour if you want, but it's more fun to pound on the GDI bases a little first.

Only one of the launch sites is defended: the one in the northwestern corner. You'll need to destroy a couple vulcan cannon and kill some titans first, but otherwise you can pretty much walk the three missile trucks to their destinations. But don't deploy the trucks until you're ready to finish the mission. Deploying them early will just put them in danger.

Explore the map around your base so your artillery can target advancing GDI forces more quickly. To the east is a civilian town with a church. Under the church is a money crate. Also send some infantry on suicide missions to the north so you can find the GDI bases -- and expose gun turrets so you have something to aim the ion cannon at. GDI won't replace any killed turrets except at the base south of the eastern launch site.

Once your base is defended and you've done some exploring, start building an attack force. Build a temple of NOD so you can train a cyborg commando and support him with several infantry and some artillery. Then send them east to the eastern edge of the map. Sending them north at that point will lead them eventually into a GDI base. This is GDI's ``expansion'' base, so what is there depends on how long it takes you to assemble your attack force.

But it doesn't matter, really. With the artillery killing off vulcan cannon and rpg launchers, and the commando and infantry killing enemy defenders, you should be able to destroy or capture the base quickly. Capturing the refinery is a good idea, although your artillery will probably kill the harvester and prevent you from getting that as well.

You can now move your attack force to the eastern launch site. Deploy the artillery and leave the infantry. That site is now safe enough so that you can send a missile truck there if you want. GDI doesn't seem to take any special interest in the launch sites; they always go straight for your main base unless something gets in their way.

Depending on how much time you have left, you can either assault the remaining GDI base directly, or just destroy enough of it to clear a path to the northwestern launch site. I'll assume the latter.

Create a new attack force and send it west to the western edge of the map, and then send it north. Near the northern edge of the map it will come to a bridge leading to the GDI base. You might want to create an MCV and deploy it at this location so there is less distance for new troops to travel.

The first targets should be two vulcan cannon guarding the gate into the base. They are too far away for artillery to hit from your side of the bridge, so you will have to attack them directly using the method of your choice. The ion cannon is a good choice for this since it will also destroy part of the firestorm walls behind them. Then you just need to sneak some infantry in to kill the two guarding titans and the rpg launcher. The way is now clear for the missile truck. Deploying one in the northwestern site and the last one at the site just north of your base will end the mission. Kaboom.




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