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Nod - Mission 2 'Retaliation'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the TV station.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all of Hassan's troops.

There is a tiberium patch just to the east of your starting location, so go ahead and deploy the MCV where it stops. You'll immediately come under attack from an attack buggy and two light infantry units, but you should be able to dispatch them with your starting units.

Set up your base and deploy a couple lasers for defense. You can skip the war factory and go completely with light infantry and rocket infantry in this mission. Build up some troops, and when you have a reasonable attack force, head towards the TV station. You'll come across an enemy base along the way.

The enemy base is guarded by two lasers and a handful of infantry. Just overwhelm them and destroy everything sight. When the base is gone, Hassan's forces will blow up a bridge to the north. I have no idea why; there isn't anything beyond it, but feel free to fix it with an engineer just to see what it's like.

When you send an engineer into the TV station, Hassan's main base on the map will be revealed. Hassan will also receive reinforcements, but some of them -- including all of the cyborgs -- will convert to your cause because of the TV broadcast. They'll easily dispatch the reinforcements who didn't convert.

Take your remaining troops and head for Hassan's main base. If most of them are injured, there is a truck with a health crate in the civilian city north of your base, and you can heal them with that. Hassan's base is almost defenseless, so you shouldn't have a problem -- and you don't even have to attack it if you don't want to. Simply destroying the bridge leading to his base will end the mission as well.




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