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Nod - Mission 4 'Destroy Hassan's Temple'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate and destroy Hassan's temple.

Kill then enemy infantry, cross the bridge, and then kill some more infantry. You'll receive many reinforcements including an MCV and some engineers. Capture what you want and start building your base.

Hassan's troops blew up the bridge on the eastern side of your base, and so all attacks will come from the west. Put a couple lasers and some rocket infantry there for defense.

Your first target should be the small enemy base to the west. It only has a laser, a tick tank, and some infantry for defense. Your starting troops should be more than enough to destroy or capture what you want. If you decide to capture the refinery, make sure the harvester is inside so you get that as well.

Now you can concentrate on the main enemy base. Assemble an assault force, fix the bridge, and then head east. Capture the hand of NOD here so your troops will have less distance to travel, and also capture the refinery if you need more credits. The area is lightly defended, and you can destroy several power plants and the construction yard if you want.

Moving west from the construction yard you'll finally find Hassan's temple. There are a few lasers here for defense, but by now Hassan isn't receiving any credits, and you can just pound on him until you break through. When you've destroyed the temple, Hassan will try to sneak out the back door, but you'll receive some reinforcements to shoot him down. Hassan will survive the crash long enough to be executed. Lucky him. (Note: if you capture the temple rather than destroying it, you'll still win the mission, but you won't get to see Hassan shot down.)




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