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Nod - Mission 5 'Blackout'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate and destroy the GDI radar facility before the ion storm ends.

This is the southern most mission choice.

After killing the two hover tanks, move your forces west. Deploy your MCV so that the refinery can be placed down southeast from the bridge. There are three entrances to your base -- east, west, and north via the bridge -- and you have to keep them all well defended. GDI will make every effort to sneak in engineers using APC's, and if they get inside it's almost impossible to keep them from capturing at least one building. But sprinkle some infantry and lasers around inside your base to try and stop them.

Even with the 1:30 timer, you have plenty of time to finish the mission. Spend the first half hour getting your base in shape, and get at least two harvesters going. Then assemble an attack force and head west. Send a lone, unimportant unit in front because in two places along the way there will be meteor showers, and your units might take damage.

After turning north, you'll find the tiberium patch that GDI uses. Go ahead and kill the harvester if you want, or try to capture it later with the refinery. East of the patch is a GDI base, which you might have already seen if you explored on the bridge. Approaching the base from the west is easier because you can attack the vulcan cannon one at a time.

After destroying the defenses, capture the barracks so you can train a medic to heal your infantry, and capture the repair depot so you can repair your vehicles. Also take the time to increase your attack force. The main GDI base is well defended.

When you have your attack force ready, head across the next bridge. You'll immediately see the main GDI base. It has two vulcan cannon and an rpg launcher, plus random titans and infantry, for defense. Try to do as much damage as possible, and also try to sneak in a couple engineers to capture the barracks and war factory, which are right next to the entrance.

Keep pummeling away, but if you have trouble breaking the defense or if you're running out of time, head straight for the radar facility. It is directly north of the entrance. Destroying it will end the mission.




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