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Nod - Mission 6 'Eviction Notice'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the Temple of NOD
  • Objective 2: Destroy all GDI forces.

The map is divided into two halves, separated by water and connected by a choke point. Your half is the southern half. The GDI base, a civilian city, and the old NOD base all share the northern half.

Set up your base and explore your half of the map. Your position is a little hard to protect because the main tiberium patch fills one entrance to your base. But put lasers in strategic spots, and don't worry about defense too much. Attacks will be infrequent, and GDI will only send solitary engineers at you rather than using the APC trick from the last mission.

There are two things of interest in your half of the map. One is a train blocked by a truck, located along the western edge. If you destroy the truck, the train will roll down the tracks and run into a vulcan cannon, destroying it. The other thing is a series of GDI transports that start in your half of the map and then travel north to the civilian city to evacuate the citizens. This is just for show, I think. Destroying the transports doesn't do anything.

The GDI base is located in the middle of the northern half of the map, directly north of the choke point. It only has two vulcan cannon for defense, but it has a lot of money, so it will continually train infantry and build titans when you attack. Thus, it is important to bring some engineers with you when you attack. Once the war factory and barracks are destroyed or captured, the mission is just about over. Just mop up the base, and send a unit to the northwestern corner where the Temple of NOD is located.

Note: for a change of pace, you can try finishing the mission in this way instead. Immediately send all of your units to the civilian city, and destroy some buildings there to make room for your base. Only build a hand of NOD, a radar installation, and a refinery, and then pump out infantry and engineers. The GDI base is completely defenseless if you approach from the east, and you can easily steal several buildings before GDI even knows what hit them. I tried this strategy when I wanted to get to the civilian city early to try and destroy the transports, and I was surprised that it only took about 20 minutes to solve the mission this way.




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