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Nod - Mission 7 'Salvage Operation'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the UFO.
  • Objective 2: Retrieve the Tacitus.

This is an odd mission in that it is difficult to do the things you are supposed to do and still win. It is much easier to ``cheat'' and skip a few steps. I'll describe both ways.

The right way: kill off the enemy infantry at your starting position and then head north to the northwestern corner. There you'll find a radar installation and a power station. Defeat the enemy infantry guarding the spot, and capture both buildings. The radar will show you the location of the GDI base and the UFO. Notice the truck next to the UFO. It contains cargo from the UFO, and you will need to capture that cargo. Sell off the power station and radar installation for more infantry, and then make for the UFO.

Head south back the way you came until you hit the railroad tracks. Follow the southern tracks east until you hit a dead end and then move north and follow the other tracks. By doing this you'll avoid a titan, but you still might run into an infantry patrol. You'll next run into two wolverines which you can kill, and then you should head east. A train station will be highlighted, and you'll see that the truck has made its way to Vega's train and is unloading the cargo. Ignore it for the moment and send the remaining engineer into the UFO. GDI might have received a MCV by this point, and, if so, there might be a base and a couple of titans nearby. You'll probably have to kill one of the titans to clear the way for the engineer.

The engineer will learn that the Tacitus is gone, and so you'll have to stop Vega's train. Don't follow the train tracks; that won't give you enough time. Instead head south and a little west until you see the broken bridge where the southern train tracks ended before. Southwest of that is the back door into Vega's base, and you can move your troops inside and kill the train. It will leave behind a crate which you should pick up to finish the mission.

Quick method: at the start, when you see the train, have the two buggies and the cycle attack it. They won't kill it, but they'll follow it. The train stops in three places: once to load the cargo, once before entering Vega's base, and once inside the base. Most of the time the vehicles will destroy the engine at the second stop, but if not they can finish it off inside the base. There's no need to send the engineer to the UFO.




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