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Nod - Mission 9 'Sheep's Clothing'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the mutant base.

Start training an engineer right away so you can more quickly capture the construction yard. Also, sell off the walls surrounding the tiberium veins so the patch will expand in size. You can have at least two harvesters working and still never run out of tiberium. Then expand your base so it extends beyond the shallow area you are in. That way your base only has one entrance rather than two, and it is easier to defend.

The map is basically divided into two halves. Your base and a small mutant base occupy the southern half, and the main mutant base occupies the northern half. The small mutant base has no air defense, so this is a good time to use orca fighters. As soon as you attack the base, the mutants will release three fiends, but vulcan cannon with orca fighter support can kill them pretty easily. Be careful if you attack the small mutant base by land; their gun turrets look a lot like observation booths, and you can get a lot of infantry killed if you don't notice right away.

The main mutant base has air defenses, and they also have an obelisk and air support. You don't have any ground to air support available in this mission, but the landing pads are close enough to the entrance of the base that you can take them out so the fighters only get one round of attacks.

Other than the obelisk, the main mutant base isn't very well defended. Just send ten or so titans against it, and you should have no problem. Tratos is in a building next to a gun turret on the eastern side of the base. If you destroy his building, he will emerge and surrender the base, ending the mission.




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