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Rifleman Squad Rifleman Squad - Cost: $300
The Rifleman Squad is the best trained and best equipped of all the basic infantry types, while this means they are a little more expensive than the other teams' but they really are much better in terms or armour and firepower. They also have the ability to dig in and set up a bunker to afford themselves extra protection against attacks.
Composite Armor Composite Armor - Cost: $2000
This upgrade equips the Rilemen with improved armour, therefore increasing their survivability on the battlefield.

Missile Squad Missile Squad - Cost: $400
Missile Defenders provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.
Composite Armor Composite Armor - Cost: $2000
This upgrade equips the Missile Squad with improved armour, therefore increasing their survivability on the battlefield.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture a building, and can be used to destroy or repair bridges by entering the bridge hut. Engineers can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as Tiberium Spikes. However despite these advantages, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable and need to be protected.

Grenadier Squad Grenadier Squad - Cost: $800
The Grenadier throws grenades which are explosive and, in groups are very effective against heavy armour and structures. The time spent throwing the grenade is substantial so that they are usually not able to cause much injury to moving infantry units.
Composite Armor Composite Armor - Cost: $2000
This upgrade equips the Grenadier with improved armour, therefore increasing their survivability on the battlefield.

Sniper Team Sniper Team - Cost: $1000
The sniper and his spotter can take out enemy infantry before they've even been spotted themselves and can even provide co-ordinates for Juggernaut barrages. Their stealth ability enables them to blend in completely with his surroundings rendering him invisible to your enemy. However they are useless against vehicles of any kind and so must be kept away from possible vehicular detection.

Commando Commando - Cost: $2000
The Commando is the most elite GDI unit on the battlefield and as such only one can be deployed at a time. His silenced prototype weapon makes short work of infantry and C4 charges see to structures and large units such as the Avatar. He is also equipped with Jump Jets enabling him to fly over enemy ground defences and impassable terrain, however he is vulnerable to anti-air fire whilst airborne.

Zone Trooper Zone Trooper - Cost: $1300
These infantry wear protective "power armour" including a small jump pack to afford protection against the harsh Tiberium environments and more resilience to attack than even Composite Armour can provide, whilst their railguns make short work of infantry, units and structures! However such resilience comes at a cost as a ZT squad is the most expensive on the battlefield.
Scanner Packs Scanner Packs - Cost: $1000
The Scanner Pack contains advanced reconnaissance technology enabling the Zone Trooper to see stealthed units and generally increase the line of sight.
Power Packs Power Packs - Cost: $2000
The Power Pack is an advanced medical upgrade that can diagnose and heal all but the most serious of battlefield injuries.

Pitbull Pitbull - Cost: $700
Designed for recon and hit and run tactics, the Pitbull sacrifices armour for speed, but it is not completely without merit. The speed means you can run over infantry whilst its rocket launcher means that it can take out infantry and aircraft. It can also detect stealth units.
Mortars Mortars - Cost: $2000
Fitting Mortars to the Pitbull boosts its long-range and anti-armour capabilities, however they aren't very accurate.

Predator Tank Predator Tank - Cost: $1100
The Predator is the most effective early-battle tank; the best armour and firepower for its class means it easily outclasses the nearest Scrin and Nod equivalent, however the price is greater than its aforementioned counterparts.
Railguns Railguns - Cost: $5000
Limited to the Mammoth Tank in the previous Tiberium War, Railgun technology has advanced and now requires a smaller delivery platform. This means the Predator can have its firepower greatly increased by replacing the cannon with a railgun.

APC APC - Cost: $700
The Armoured Personnel carrier is designed for getting a number of troops to and from areas quickly and safely. Its roof-mounted cannon can fire at infantry, light units and aircraft, but this can be augmented by the troops it carries who can fire out through ports down the sides.

Rig Rig - Cost: $2000
The Rig unit is great for establishing GDI battlefield outposts, it deploys in to a Battle Base containing two Guardian Cannons, missile launcher, stealth scanners and repair drones to repair nearby friendly units.

Juggernaught Juggernaught - Cost: $2200
The Juggernaut is GDI's mobile artillery, this very slow unit combines a legacy Titan delivery system and ship-based artillery technology. This unit can deliver a lethal barrage of 3 shells to base defences without fear of retaliation. However, this unit is very inaccurate against moving targets and is unable to handle short-range attacks. Once defeated the Juggernaught can be brought back online by an engineer...this could also be the enemy's engineer!

Mammoth Tank Mammoth Tank - Cost: $2500
The sight of the Mammoth Tank strikes fear into even the most battle hardened commando as lesser tanks are crushed in front of them.
In its third incarnation it has stupidly huge amounts of armour and firepower. Of course you have to pay for this, and it's in the speed department, the slow ROF means it's not so great against infantry, but the mounted rocket launcher ensures that pesky aircraft are kept at bay.
Railguns Railguns - Cost: $5000
Replacing the Mammoth's traditional dual-barrelled cannons with two railguns means the most deadly weapon on the battlefield just got pant-browningly scary!

Harvester Harvester - Cost: $1400
The Harvester is your main source of collecting resources to turn into money to enable you to purchase structures and units to defeat your opponent. It collects Tiberium and brings it back to the Refinery where it is converted into money. When travelling to and from the Tiberium it moves slowly, but it is heavily armoured. They are easy target for enemy commanders so they should always be escorted despite the small roof-mounted machine gun.

Rig Rig - Cost: $2000
The Rig unit is great for establishing GDI battlefield outposts, it deploys in to a Battle Base containing two Guardian Cannons, missile launcher, stealth scanners and repair drones to repair nearby friendly units.

Surveyor Surveyor - Cost: $1500
The Surveyor is the quickest way to establish ground control over an area, perhaps to establish an expansion outpost near a Tiberium field.

Orca Orca - Cost: $1100
The Orca Fighter is VTOL meaning it can take off and land vertically. It is very fast moving and is armed with TOW rockets to for quickly weakening poorly defended structures or attacks. It can easily be shot down however, and when it runs out of missiles it must return to base to reload.
Sensor Pods Sensor Pods - Cost: $500
A Sensor Pod can be deployed by an Orca to spy on an enemy force's activities.

Firehawk Firehawk - Cost: $1500
The Firehawk is GDI's bomber aircraft. Few structures can withstand more than 3 salvos when equipped with Hellcat Firebombs and the Rattlesnake Missiles allow for air-to-air combat. The payload can be adjusted at the Airfield, however its light armour does render it vulnerable to enemy anti-air fire.
Stratofighter Booster Stratofighter Booster - Cost: $2000
Activating Stratofighter Boosters launches the Firehawk into the outer regions of Earth's atmosphere, enabling it soar high above the range of enemy anti-air defences to deliver a payload to any visible area of the battlefield. The Firehawk is still vulnerable to AA fire on its return flight.

MCV MCV - Cost: $2500
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.




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