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Thanks for showing an interest in working on CnCWorld. We are constantly looking for staff, and this page will be updated all the time.

Before applying for a job please read the following...

  • You will not get paid for working on CnCWorld. People work on CnC fansites because they are true fans of the Command & Conquer games, and want to work as part of a team in the C&C community.
  • Only people who are dedicated should apply. This is because we have had lots of people in the past who have updated the site a few times during their first week, and then disappeared. If you are not dedicated then you will be removed from the staff. News updaters will be given a two week trial period.
  • In some cases we will ask that a deadline be met. Most of the time no deadline is set however. If you are a news updater you should be able to update the site regularly, at least a few times a week.
  • You will not get FTP or admin access to anything on CnCWorld. Forum moderators will be given moderator, but not admin privileges. Article / content writers will e-mail any work they create to the webmaster, who will upload it to the server.

The following jobs are available:

News updaters
We require news updaters who can spend a small amount of time every day if possible to update the news directly using our news posting script. Sometimes there will be no news for a while, so no updates will be required. However sometimes there is a lot of news so we require dedicated people who will be able to browse the other sites in the C&C community and also the official sites to find news and post it on the site. Knowledge of HTML is a must, although if you don't know HTML but still want to apply we would be happy to teach you the basics you will need. Your knowledge of the English language should also be good.
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Article writers
We require people who would be able to work part time to write articles for CnCWorld. You should be dedicated and have a good knowledge of the English language. People applying for this job should also have good writing skills and good spelling and grammar. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary, but would be useful. Any articles written would be e-mailed to the webmaster for uploading to the site.
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Graphics staff
Graphics staff are required who would be able to create desktop wallpapers, winamp skins and other things like that for the site regularly (if possible). Excellent graphics skills are required since you will be creating graphics for the site. Your knowledge of the English language is not important, but useful. You don't have to be as dedicated to apply for this position, but we would still require people to create wallpapers and skins regularly.
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If there is a job that isn't listed, but you think should be then e-mail us. We may have just forgotten.
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