More explosive missions, more in-depth strategy and more enemies to crush into oblivion.

You've been crushing people in multiplay. Dominating in solo-play.

You can't seem to get enough.

The more you play, the more you want. C & C is your life and you're hungry for more of it! More battles. More tactics. More arenas for conquest!

Covert Operations, companion disc to the award-winning Command & Conquer, gives you
15 hyper-hard missions and 10 intense multiplayer maps. More relentless action, more sleepless nights and more addictive ways to feed the need to Command & Conquer.

15 all new in-your-face solo-play missions

10 new multiplayer maps to rage in modem or arena play

Non-sequential play lets you decide where and when you want to crack the whip

7 new heart-pounding tracks to enhance the thrill of carnage

2 new solo-play missions & 2 new multiplayer maps to conquer now!

MISSION OBJECTIVE: GDI has attacked and cut off one of our bases.
Find a way into the base. One of our agents will assist you by placing a landing flare at the right time. Once you're in, rebuild the base and destroy the GDI forces in the area.

MISSION OBJECTIVE: GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCV's.
We were counting on that vehicle to establish a foothold in the area.
Recover the MCV and remove any trace that GDI has even been there.

(version 1.1 - updated 03/11/95)

Requires Command & Conquer version 1.19

1) Download the .zip file & copy to your Command & Conquer directory.

2) Unzip the file into the Command & Conquer directory.

3) Launch Command & Conquer, and select the New Missions button.

4) Choose the new mission you'd like to play.

Seven new tracks from Frank Klepacki accompany Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations.

Sample two of them now:

205 kByte .wav file

94 kByte .wav file