The response to Command & Conquer has been truly mind boggling...and mail has been pouring in! This issue of News & Notes is dedicated to answering some of the more common questions we've received, plus one rather unusual testimonial.

I have a few simple questions, mostly relating to modem games. First, let me say that I love the game. I'm an old DUNE II fan; it's one of my favorites. I have to say that C&C is, by far, the all-time great in strategy simulations.

1 - I've played a few modem games with friends, and after playing tech level 7 (whatever the highest is), I am wondering about some of the equipment, like Chem Warriors and SSM Trucks. I play GDI, and saw no new technology (other that what's in the manual). NOD seems to have some new toys for modem play. What are they and are they in the normal game?

2 - I played and beat the GDI CD, and was able to get Air Strikes (my favorite toy, along with the Orca) on almost every mission. In modem play, I never get Air Strikes, even when NOD has no SAM sites left. Is this a bug, or are no Air Strikes available for GDI in modem play? Also, the NOD player did get Air Strikes (strange, since they are GDI only), but when he gave them a target, they never arrived. Another bug? If so, please send a patch as soon as possible.

3 - Your website ad mentions some technology I have yet to be able to use. Stealth Fighters, Mobile Orca Pads and XO Armor (seen at the end in a final cut scene) are mentioned, but I have yet to find them available in the game. Were they cut? Will they be in the next game? What are those underwater scenes from? They look really cool. Will they be in C&C II?

These are questions that I have been asked (and would like to know myself) while working at a software store. Your reply will be very helpful to many people.
- Vey Takon (America Online)
Good questions! Let's see...

1 - There are several units which are only available in the multi-player version of COMMAND & CONQUER. The ones you mention are only available to NOD. Chem Warriors are nasty soldiers similar to the flamethrower troops; they do more damage, and can walk through Tiberium without getting damaged. The SSM fires surface-to-surface missiles and is a highly effective long-range weapon.

2 - Airstrikes are available in some solo play missions when all SAM sites are taken out. Airstrikes in multi-play are available by picking up crates (if that option has been turned on) and are single use items.

3 - Some of these items are in the game: keep playing. Others are in development by GDI and you'll have a chance to play with them in Tiberiun Sun.

I won't go into detail, but over the past month my life has been hell. Stress at work, stress at home, girlfriend won't talk to me, my dog died (seriously), all the typical blues song material.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Westwood. I bought C&C yesterday and completely lost myself in it. I'm not a big game player, but I really liked DUNE II and figured this would be up my alley (now there's an understatement). C&C took me from being EXTREMELY stressed and depressed about the things going wrong in my life to feeling lucky my troops took out a SAM site and got out alive!

For five hours I played your game before 'waking up' and realizing that I wasn't in fact a GDI general fighting the Brotherhood of NOD. I feel like a geek for saying it, but that entire time my focus was on the missions, I forgot about everything except trying to out-think my opponents. Mission 6 ended, and I thought back on all the stuff that's been going wrong, and it just didn't seem that bad!

I've never played a game that was THERAPEUTIC before! I'm really lookin' forward to mission 7... COMMAND & CONQUER is the BEST, most ENTERTAINING, most INTRIGUING game I've ever played, period. I'd like to thank you for giving me this world to lose myself in and I assure you I'M TELLIN' EVERYBODY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. You're all on my Christmas list... what would you like? 8 )
- Joe Howes (Westwood's BBS)

Glad you're feeling better! We would like a new building and, oh, maybe another terabyte of disk space : )

I have encountered these bizarre, blobular objects twice now. They just pop up and truck across the board. I haven't witnessed them killing any units or anything. Both times I have seen them I have sic'ed a bunch of units on them and destroyed them.
Could somebody in the know please explain this weirdness?
- Ozgrof (America Online)
The Visceroid is a nasty little creature which spawns from the Tiberium fields. They will appear randomly in the multi-player games in crates (if that feature is turned on). They will roam the map and attack anything they see by spewing a green blast of Tiberium radiation.

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