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GDI - Mission 1 'Blackout'

We needed to establish a base in this area. Unfortunately, so does Nod. They have already put obelisks to guard the only way in. We need you to cut the power to the obelisks before our MCV arrives. With the MCV, set up a base and eliminate Nod forces.

Head South. You will encounter some enemy rocket-soldiers. Kill them and you will get an air strike. Go North across the bridge and you will see a flame-tank, with only half its health. You can direct the air strike on it, of shoot and run with your commandoes, it only has half health.

After the flame-tank is taken care of go into the base it was guarding. Destroy the power plants. (I save my air strike to get two of them) Moments later an MCV should arrive. Take it just north of where the power plants were, and build your base. Take out all the turret guns nearby so you can harvest in peace. Take out the outpost with the temple of nod first (northwest Corner) and use a commando on the temple so that it does not get to launch it's nuke.

Then destroy the main base in the northeast. Or when you get your MCV, Ignore the turrets and head up to the North East corner and build your base, the computer starts building around when you start building your base. Take out the turret guns and the outpost in the northwest corner. The third option would be to air strike their construction yard before it starts (or finishes) building the Nod base. It is located in the North East corner.




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