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Neutron Mines Neutron Mines - Cost: $2500
Neutron Mines possess the unique ability to kill any infantry that is unfortunate enough to step foot on one or drive a vehicle over one, while keeping vehicles in tact. Driverless vehicles are free to be captured by you.

Satellite Hack 1 Satellite Hack 1 - Cost: $1000
Reveals all terrain around all Command Centres on the battlefield.

Satellite Hack 2 Satellite Hack 2 - Cost: $2500
By intercepting enemy satellite frequencies, Satellite Hack 2 enables you to see everything all your enemies can see.

Neutron Shells Neutron Shells - Cost: $2500
Launched from the Nuke Cannon, Neutron Shells are similar to Neutron Mines; they kill infantry instantly while leaving structures and vehicles in tact.




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