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Construction Yard Construction Yard - Cost: $N/A
All life for your campaign begins here. This is the most vital structure in the game, if it is destroyed, your chances of winning are very small! It is needed to construct other buildings, so defending it should be priority one.

Power Plant Power Plant - Cost: $300
These are also vital structures, providing power to your base, allowing defences to defend, Construction Yards to construct, and War Factories to build tanks. Without the necessary amount of power plants, your base defences will not function, and it will drastically slow down, if not halt, your production of further units.

Advanced Power Plant Advanced Power Plant - Cost: $500
This large building produces double the power ouput of a single power plant - but costs less than building two single plants.

Hand Of Nod Hand Of Nod - Cost: $500
This structure allows you to train troops and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available.

Tiberium Refinery Tiberium Refinery - Cost: $1000
The Tiberium Refinery is the heart of your economy, and it is where your Miners deposit the Tiberium, which is then turned into cash by this structure. Defending this miner and structure is important as they, although strong, are an easy target for enemy commanders.

Radar Radar - Cost: $1000
The Radar activates the radar display, if it is destroyed; the radar screen is no longer visible.

War Factory War Factory - Cost: $2000
This building enables the construction of tanks, transports, miners and MCVs, thus making it very important to you.

Helipad Helipad - Cost: $500
The Helipad allows aircraft to be constructed and rearmed.

Tech Centre Tech Centre - Cost: $1500
This small building allows Nod to construct the more high tech units and structures. This structure is weak, very expensive and consumes a lot of power but is a necessity as you will need to tech up to stand a chance of survival against the enemy.

Tiberium Waste Facility Tiberium Waste Facility - Cost: $1600
Nod have found a use for the hostile Tiberium Viens. A light and quick harvester harvests them and brings them back to Tiberium Waste Facility, where, providing there is also a Missile Silo, it is transformed into a deadly Tiberium Chemical Missile.

Temple Of Nod Temple Of Nod - Cost: $2000
Nod conduct their cutting edge research in the temple. Allowing you to construct the Cyborg, Mutant Hijacker and Hunter Seeker Droid.

Tiberium Silo Tiberium Silo - Cost: $150
When you harvest more Tiberium than your refinery can hold, you will need to build a silo else the harvested money is lost. If it is captured or destroyed by the enemy, you loose the credits stored inside it.

Walls Walls - Cost: $50
Walls are a static defence system designed to repulse enemy infantry and tanks. Certain vehicles can shoot over it, but infantry can't shoot or pass through it.

Gate Gate - Cost: $250
Gates prevent enemy units from entering a base, but will open to allow friendly units to pass.

Pavement Pavement - Cost: $75
Pavement prevents burrowing units from appearing under areas where this has been deployed, and it stops craters being created by explosions. Units also move faster on pavement than on normal terrain. Great for getting harvesters to and from the tiberium fields as quickly as possible and allowing your units to get from the War Factory to the front line that little bit faster.

Laser Laser - Cost: $300
Nod's basic defence. Effective against infantry and light armour. It generates its own power source so can operate without base power. The concentrated laser beam it fires fries infantry and can even melt armour.

Stealth Generator Stealth Generator - Cost: $2500
Once deployed, all units and structures within its radius will disappear from view from your enemies. Vehicles and structures when first constructed are visible a few seconds before adjusting to the cloaking field. If the generator is destroyed, or the base power is low, everything will be revealed.

Obelisk of Light Obelisk of Light - Cost: $1500
The most formidable defence in the game, the sight of one scares even the most battle-hardened elite! It is similar to the laser, but much much more powerful; few units can withstand one bolt. Due to the immense amount of energy required to create the high power laser beam, the Obelisk requires huge amounts of power to operate.

SAM Launcher SAM Launcher - Cost: $300
The SAM Launcher is GDI's anti-aircraft defence. It can only shoot at airborne targets.

Missile Silo Missile Silo - Cost: $1300
As soon as the Missile Silo is deployed, a cluster missile begins construction. After a while you may launch it at any target on the battlefield. If the target is not destroyed by the initial explosion, it will be by the shards of explosive which split off from the original rocket.
It is a prerequisite to the the chemical missile which releases clouds of deadly Tiberium gas.

Laser Fencing Laser Fencing - Cost: $200
When two emitter posts are deployed a fence consisting of several beams of laser fill the gap, creating a wall. The emitters can be powered down to allow units to pass. The fence will also vanish if the base power is low. The barrier created by the laser beams are indistuctable and can only be removed by destroying the posts.

EMP Cannon EMP Cannon - Cost: $1000
The Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon fires a ball of electromagnetic energy. Any vehicle, structure or cyborg infantry caught in in the blast will become disabled until the effect wares off. A great way to disable an enemy's defences before launching an attack, or stopping a large attack force in its tracks in order that your defences may obliterate it.




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