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GDI - Mission 4 'Elemental Imperative'

Nod has stolen some of key components to our tiberium research. Retrieve them. A local civilian is willing to help clear the way and take us to the site if we free his wife and return her to safety.

You should start in the southwest. You can do several things. Head northeast, fight or not. Just make sure one unit makes it to the northeast corner to pick up the crates. Chase down the running rocket soldiers with a Humm-vee. Then go north with all your forces. Use your medium tanks to engage any flame tanks you see. There is a flame tank on the west side of the village you will pass by and also a flame tank on patrol with two recon bikes.

Stay on the west side of the map and continue north. Use the commando to engage any infantry that you see. Continue north with your forces. You will encounter a light tank and a stealth tank, and some more infantry. In the northwest corner you will find some sandbags blocking a village. Destroy them and continue.

A helicopter will appear at the mission's beginning. Bring it up to the village and put the woman in purple into the helicopter. It will leave and the man by where you started will go and set off a flare where the crates are. Go back until you reach the village. Head east. You will encounter some infantry, SSMs and tanks. Use you commando for the infantry and your tanks for theirs, with you other units supporting.

Go north, cross the bridge, and recover the crates. Or, when you get the helicopter, put the commando in, fly to the edge of the shroud, let him out, and repeat this maneuver until you are in the northeast corner and pick up the crates.




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