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Nod - Mission 5 'Cloak and Dagger'

GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCV's. We were counting on that vehicle to establish a foothold in that area. Recover the MCV and remove every trace that GDI has ever been there.

Drive around, to get a feel for the map, than go to the enemy base where you can see your MCV. The northern entrance is the easiest for a stealth tank to enter. Get to your MCV and blow up all the chain link fence surrounding it. Deploy your MCV as northwest as possible inside the GDI base. Build a power plant just south, it will be fired on by an advanced guard towers. Immediately build a hand of nod, and place it as far from advanced guard towers as possible. (I do believe there is one position when it will not be fired on. By now your power plant should be destroyed but don't worry you are about to capture many a power plant.

Use your power plant and hand of nod as diversions and keep building engineers and capturing power plants. Now build gun turrets and attack the tanks and what not surrounding the base. Don't worry about money, just keep building engineers. Capture every building you can sell for a profit. Sell what you need to get 2000 credits (1 of your construction yards) and build a refinery.

Finish taking the base from the inside out. Eventually all the enemy vehicles and units will come charging into your base. Fend them off, than go destroy the outpost in the center of the map.




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