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Nod - Mission 6 'Hostile Takeover'

The mission is simple. GDI has taken a region that belongs to us. Take it back.

First make sure you can see the church across the water. Than take your rocket soldiers to the bridge and blow up the tank defending it. Head north and you will find an old, damaged Nod outpost. Sell the comm. Center to get 5 more infantry units than build an engineer from the hand of nod. Take your flame tank southwest and destroy the two guard towers.

Double back with your flame tank and kill the enemy infantry that will be inserted by helicopter. Go back to where the guard towers were and blow a hole in the fence.

Capture one of the chinooks and put several infantry units in it. Fly to the church and blow it up, than get the crate for 2000 credits. Now shuttle the helicopter back and forth to the flare than send the chopper to that village as a mammoth is after it and your base wont be able to handle it. Head north with your infantry. Repair the building you have and build up you base.

Fly the helo back, you can defend against a mammoth tank now. If it is lost, capture another down south. Build 4 light tanks to take out the guard towers looming over you tiberium patches. There is a field in the center of the map with a lot of tiberium.

The easiest way into the GDI base is from the south, but you can only use infantry, so send some rocket soldiers along to take out the guard towers. Watch out for engineers. They do like coming into your base. Build a turret or SAM as your northern most building, and you will not have any problems.(Computer enemies will always go for your northern most building)




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