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GDI - Mission 1 'Recover the Tacitus'

This mission begins with the same raging Ion Storm that brought down the Kodiak. Immediately spread your troops out and load all of your engineers in the APC. Move your four Wolverines forward to combat the pair of Nod Light Infantry and the Rocket Infantry that will be coming from the east.

Once you have dispatched the annoying infantry, take all of your units south, up the nearby slope, to the top of the ridge. There you will find a city settlement filled with Shiners under Nod attack. Assist them in repelling the Nod forces and they will reward you with information.

To the immediate east of your battle assisting the mutants is a ruined bridge. Order one of your Engineers to repair the shambled ruin and then send all of your troops across the bridge as quickly as possible. Head across the bridge pass and through the Radar Tower and Helipads of the abandoned Nod base. Send your Titans south and east along the ridgeline. Use the Titans to dispatch the patrolling Cyborg stationed in a nearby Tiberium field. Once the coast is clear, send all of your troops, led by the APC and Convoy Truck, eastward to discover the fallen Kodiak. Order an Engineer inside to salvage the Tacitus, followed by the Convoy Truck to transport it.

A pair of Tick Tanks will station themselves behind you to the west. Focus your efforts against them. Once the Tick Tanks have been disassembled, send your APC, Wolverines, and Convoy Truck west toward the newly revealed beacon and awaiting Orca Transport. When the Convoy Truck arrives safely at the transport site, the mission is a success.




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