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Soviet - Mission 9

Destroy all enemy units in your base and immediately repair all your damaged buildings. Send the ore truck south to mine gem deposits. Construct an advanced power plant. Construct a weapons factory. Build two heavy tanks, and an engineer.

You have to move quickly to capture an enemy base being established in the western portion of the map. Move your tank units and your engineer to the west. Capture the construction yard, and destroy the other buildings.

The enemy will attempt to land on a strip of beach by your original base, accompanied by helicopters to destroy your Tesla coil. You can build Allied structures now, so build an AA gun by the Tesla Coil, and move your tank units to the beach to deal with the enemy land units.

Later, an engineer laden APC will attempt to infiltrate your east base, and a group of helicopters will go for your west base. Be on the lookout for both of these. You can build an Allied barracks and make some rocket infantry to counter the air threat.

With three refineries, you'll have enough income to build another weapons factory and produce a dozen heavy tanks. Drop paratroopers into the blackness at the west edge of the map, on the same line as your captured Allied construction yard. Move them north and expose the bridge. Advance northwards from your western base and destroy the armor. Park your two mammoth tanks at the start of the bridge.

Move your group of heavy tanks east until you hit a clump of pine trees. There's an isthmus here. It's heavily mined, so advance your tanks one square at a time, shooting the square ahead of each tank to destroy any mines that might be there. An Allied cruiser will open fire on the tanks. Luckily, it is so far away that it will miss, and its shots will destroy the Allied Force's own mines. Destroy any enemy tanks and artillery that attack your armor column.

We want to flush the convoy truck out. Push through their base, without stopping to destroy their turrets. The convoy truck will panic and leave. That's what we want. Pursue it with your heavy tanks. The convoy truck will eventually make it down to the bridge where we parked our mammoth tanks and paratrooper infantry. Your mission will end five seconds later.




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