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GDI - Mission 10 'Capture Hammerfest Base'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Re-capture Hammerfest Base.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all NOD forces.

Watch the MRLS's destroy a bridge and kill a couple of trucks. Each truck has a crate, but don't open them yet. The hover tanks will have to do a lot of work before arriving at Hammerfest Base, and they'll need the extra healing.

Put the engineers in the APC, and move the APC close to the crates. Move the MRLSs east until they meet a couple of attack cycles. Kill the cycles and then continue east until you find a ramp leading north. Take the ramp, move north, and then destroy a laser and radar installation. To the northeast of this location is a plateau wall you can target. Shoot the wall and then go up the ramp. You'll find three power plants you need to destroy. Rocket infantry might wander by, but concentrate on the power plants. If you need to, use one of the crates.

Now re-trace your steps, and move the MRLSs east along the southern edge of the map. In the southeast corner is another truck you can kill for a crate. Head north along the eastern side of the map until you find an obelisk. Since you destroyed the power plants, the obelisk is powerless to stop you, and so you can destroy it at your leisure.

Continue north until you pass under a bridge. There will be a landing and a ramp to the north. Go there and discover a NOD mini-base. If you want to take the time to destroy it, go ahead. There is another truck with a crate as a prize. If you don't destroy it, NOD will simply sell it once you re-capture Hammerfest.

Go north around the eastern part of the mini-base and get back over the water. Move west along the northern edge of the map until you reach the northwestern corner. Here is another plateau wall that you can shoot to create a ramp. The ramp will give you access to Hammerfest Base. Move the MRLSs up the ramp, and then move the APC until it is in the same location as the tanks.

Move the MRLSs towards the base first. There are a couple of NOD units that they need to take care so the engineers can move around safely. Be careful with the tanks, though. They consider the base to be an enemy base, and they will shoot at the gun emplacements.

Have the engineers capture the two power stations first. This will reduce power enough that the firestorm walls will no longer be able to operate. Move the third engineer into the barracks and create a couple light infantry to help the MRLSs with NOD infantry. Then send the last engineer into the construction yard, and the base will be yours.

Most of the buildings are damaged, and some are powered down, so get to work repairing and powering up your structures. You will also come under attack right away. Move your MRLSs east to protect the eastern tiberium refinery. If it gets destroyed, don't worry. The remaining refinery will be enough.

If you find that you are low on power, even after constructing extra power turbines, feel free to sell the firestorm generator and the firestorm wall pieces. There are also more than enough component towers, and you can sell some of those.

Once you get your base in shape, the mission is pretty straightforward. The NOD base is well defended with artillery, lasers, and SAM sites, plus a multitude of infantry and tick tanks. Begin building a force of wolverines and titans, and then clear your island of NOD forces and SAM sites. Once you destroy all the SAM sites, you will get reinforcements in the form of wolverines, titans, and MRLSs. From there just grind away at the NOD base until you finish it.




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