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GDI - Mission 11 'Retrieve Disruptor Crystals'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the NOD train.
  • Objective 2: Retrieve the disruptor crystals.

This is a quick mission. Ignore the APC's and engineers, and take your other troops west up a ramp. Then head south. You will be able to target the wall of the plateau and create a ramp leading down towards the train station. Somewhere around here you will likely encounter a stealth tank or two plus a cyborg, so be prepared.

There are two lasers guarding the gate to the train station, but your hover tanks and titan have better range, so they can take out the lasers without being damaged. Use your other troops in support, attacking the infantry which will sally forth from the station.

Once the lasers are gone, move forward and target the locomotive of the train. Once that is destroyed, the rest of the train will be stuck and you can proceed at a more careful pace if you need to. The crystal is in the last car. Destroying the car will leave a crate behind, and moving a unit onto the crate will finish the mission.




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