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GDI - Mission 17 'Weather the Storm'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Protect the Kodiak.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all NOD forces.

You are in an ion storm, and that means you can't use any flying units, and it means the radar screen won't function. You will still need to build a radar eventually, though, because you will need a mobile sensor array before attacking the NOD base.

Group your infantry together and send them slightly south. Two tick tanks will attack from that direction, and infantry are the most effective in that situation. After the tanks are dead, move the infantry north to kill two more tick tanks. The move your titans and wolverines to the ridge north of your base. Two artillery units will soon appear, and your forces can take them out quickly.

Meanwhile, start building your base. Deploy the MCV where it is, and then build a power station and a refinery. The only safe tiberium patch for the moment is in the northwest corner of the map, so send your harvester there. Notice the rock next to the Kodiak. NOD has a pair of artillery units on a plateau to the east, and their range extends to that rock. So do not place any buildings east of that rock for the time being.

Build a barracks and a war factory, and then build another titan. Send your three titans south to a tiberium patch. It will be guarded by two cyborgs, an attack cycle, and an artillery unit. Once they are dead, it will be safe to send a harvester to the patch.

Build another titan so you have four, and then send them east to kill the two artillery on the plateau. Your base is now reasonably secure, and NOD won't send any attacks for a while. Build another harvester, set up some perimeter defenses, and then build titans and wolverines, plus a mobile sensor array.

Once you have an attack force, send it east to the tiberium patch. The NOD harvesters will use this patch, and you can pick them off easily. Wait to make sure no more NOD harvesters come your way, and then move your units north to the northern edge of the map. Head east for a bit and then deploy the sensor array. NOD will have several power plants along the northern ridge, but they, like the rest of the base, will be hidden by stealth generators. Destroy all of the power plants except for one, and then capture it. This will allow you to start up an attack base.

Build another barracks and war factory, and then replenish your attack force. NOD's construction yard is nearby, so target that first so it can't rebuild anything. Also take out the remaining power plants so all of the obelisks will be deactivated. Then just move south killing everything in site.




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