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GDI - Mission 18 'Final Conflict'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the ICBM launchers before they can launch.
  • Objective 2: Destroy Kane's pyramid.
  • Objective 3: Destroy all NOD forces.

Quickly kill the defending infantry, and then target the refinery. You should be able to distract the NOD harvester long enough to destroy the refinery and prevent NOD from getting at least one load of tiberium. Then destroy the other buildings, using the newly-arrived titans and wolverines in support.

Deploy the MCV inside the old NOD base, and start building up your own base. A one-hour timer will start when you build your barracks, so delay that for a bit and build a couple of power stations and your radar first. Keep your buildings spread out. Eventually Kane will start shooting missiles at you, and some shots can take out two buildings if they are close together.

What you see on the radar is only half of the map. Once you destroy an ICBM launcher or explore the southern edge of the map, the full map will be revealed. There will be three NOD bases, each with its own separate power grid and ICBM launcher. There will also be a special area just for Kane.

North NOD base: This base is well-defended with artillery units and obelisks. The easiest way to crack their defenses is to use the ion cannon, so quickly build a tech center and an upgrade center so you will have the option. Probe the base so the artillery units will reveal themselves, and then hit them with the ion cannon. You can also use jump set infantry to scout the bridge leading up to the base, and destroy the two lasers guarding the northern shore. Once you've softened up their defenses enough, a standard attack of titans and wolverines will do the trick. The ICBM launcher is in the northeastern part of the base. There is also an old GDI base west of the NOD base, and you can find three mammoth (mark 1) tanks there.

South NOD base: The easiest way to attack this base is via water. Send some hover tanks and an APC with infantry and at least one engineer south along the river. You'll find a bunch of power plants along the shore near the bottom of the map. Capture one of the power plants and then build a barracks nearby. Pump out some light infantry to assist the hover tanks, and destroy all of the power plants. You might also want to put up some vulcan cannon to ensure you keep your foothold. The ICBM launcher is just to the west of the power plants, but don't destroy it until time is winding down. The construction yard, temple of NOD, and war factory are also near the ICBM launcher, and by destroying all three, you can effectively cripple the base. Mopping it up after that should present no problems.

Middle/island NOD base: This is a small base guarded by an obelisk. Simply charge it with several hover tanks and destroy everything in sight. The base is cloaked by a stealth generator, so you might have to target the ground a few times in order to find the power plants. The ICBM launcher is right in the middle of the base, surrounded by some concrete.

Kane's island: Kane's island is on the eastern side of the map. You passed it if you used the river to enter the southern base. There are only a couple of lasers guarding the bridge leading to the island, so you shouldn't have much of a problem. Once you destroy the pyramid, you won't have to worry about missile attacks any more.




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