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GDI - Mission 3 'Capture Train Station'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the Train Station.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all NOD buildings.

This is the northen most mission choice.

Group all of your offensive forces together and go exploring. You will find some random NOD forces around, but they should be easy to kill. In the middle of the map, you will run into an attack cycle which will run away to warn the NOD base. Don't worry about it; even with warning the NOD base will not be difficult.

Head generally west and north. Be careful moving your infantry and engineers around the patch of tiberium. Ignore the plateaus. There are NOD units up there but no NOD structures.

Eventually you will find a bridge guarded by a cyborg. Kill the cyborg, but do not cross the bridge yet. If you move west to the edge of the map, you will receive two titans in reinforcements. They have enough range to destroy the nearby NOD power stations, which will in turn overload and destroy the NOD laser towers.

Now go back to the bridge and cross it. With your starting units and the additional titans, destroying the NOD base and killing its few defenders will be easy. Then send one of your engineers into the train station to finish the mission.




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