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Nod - Mission 13 'Protect Waste Convoys'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Build a tiberium waste facility.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all GDI structures.

This is the northen most mission choice.

You start in a fairly nice spot. There are only two entrance to your base -- north, where most attacks will come from, and west -- so concentrate most of your defenses to the north. A couple artillery coupled with your starting units will work for a while, but eventually you'll want to have some lasers and an obelisk as well.

Get a couple of harvesters going, and get those credits coming in. You don't have to get to the waste facility right away. There is a road that travels from the northwestern corner of the map to your location in the southeastern corner, and weed eaters will have to traverse that in order to deliver tiberium to the facility. GDI has forces all along the road, so building the waste facility early will just get some weed eaters killed.

Build some mechanical troops, and send them west over the tiberium patch. There is a civilian town in the southwestern corner of the map, and north of the town is a GDI barracks. Capture the barracks and set up your own attack base. Then start clearing the road. GDI will have some jump jet infantry around so make sure you have some rocket infantry of your own. Otherwise, just pummel them.

Now you can build the waste facility, but it won't matter much. By the time enough weed eaters arrive to form a single missile, you will probably have finished off the main GDI base, which is located north of the road.

You don't need to do anything special to attack the main GDI base. Just send an attack force with some rocket infantry, and back them up with a couple of artillery. Capture a building once you break through, and then pick them apart. Once all of the buildings are destroyed, the mission will be over.




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