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Nod - Mission 3 'Free Rebel Commander'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate and free the rebel commander.

This is the western most mission choice.

The prison base is a little too well defended for a frontal assault, so explore to the south. You'll find three enemy light infantry and a GDI soldier attacking each other. Kill the infantry while the GDI guy escapes in an orca bomber. He'll destroy a tick tank for you on his way out.

Anyway, behind the soldiers is a tunnel leading to another enemy base. This one only has a few light infantry guarding it. Kill them, and in the process you will learn that you have troops in the two trucks parked nearby. The troops consist of some light infantry and some engineers. Capture the refinery when the harvester in unloading, and you'll take control of the harvester as well. Use the other engineers to capture the hand of NOD, a power plant, and the tiberium silo. You now have all the structures you need and an endless stream of credits.

Assemble a strike force, and then attack the prison camp. The commander is in an enclosed area on the eastern side. Once he is free, just have him board the waiting transport craft to finish the mission.




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