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Nod - Mission 8 'Capture Umagon'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Find and destroy the sensor towers without being detected.
  • Objective 2: Capture Umagon.

This is the northen most mission choice.

Immediately deploy your artillery so they can help kill the wolverines. Then move the artillery to the edge of the bridge and deploy them again. Move an infantry unit north to scout around. There is a titan and two wolverines to the north, and the artillery can take them out once they can see them.

Start your base north of the bridge. Once the initial combat is done, there will be no GDI attacks on your base -- they're not supposed to know you're there after all -- and so don't worry about defense. When you build your refinery, make sure the the harvester goes to the tiberium patch to the south. The northern one is a little too close to a sensor tower.

Build a bunch of infantry units, concentrating mostly on rocket infantry. Your two artillery units will kill enemy infantry very easy, and so the only support they'll need is for wolverines and titans. Then move your troops west up the ramp, and then towards the sensor tower to the north. Edge your artillery towards it until they take it out, and then move all of your troops east and repeat the process. If the artillery starts attacking enemy harvesters, let them or move on, your choice. You have plenty of time to finish the mission.

Once the second sensor tower is down, edge towards the third one and destroy it as well. Now you can bombard the enemy base in the southeast corner. By this time Umagon is probably down there waiting for her train to arrive, but she's not going to make it. Once your troops move in on the base, Umagon will move in to assist in the defense, and the first shot that hits her will ``capture'' her and complete the mission.




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