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GLA - Mission 2 'Cairo, Egypt'

The USA's hunt for the GLA General Dr. Thrax, who the GLA has discredited and denounced has caused great damage to the civilian facilities and buildings. Meanwhile, the USA and Chinese reports that several important GLA leaders have been killed. This results in a complete power vacuum, and many splinter groups are vying for control. One of the splinter groups is led by Prince Kassad, a Libyan General who specializes in stealth tactics and sneak attacks. Your mission is to destroy all of Prince Kassad's command centers, and force him to hand over his abilities to you.

This mission starts with a lone rocket buggy codenamed recon-1 patrolling the area around the great pyramids (Wait, there is something wrong here, the sphinx is facing the wrong way here! You got it wrong this time, EA. You better refresh your Geography!). Suddenly, a Scorpion Tank appeared out of nowhere and blew it apart!

At this point you will be introduced to the man called Prince Kassad, you now get to see how the GPS Scrambler and Sneak Attacks Work. The GPS Scrambler allows any unit to strike unseen, while the Tunnel Sneak Attack allows you to build a Tunnel Network anywhere on the map for surprise attacks! These 2 abilities are very important for the GLA, so always save 2 general points for those technologies.

Tip! Info on Prince Kassad
Prince Kassad is the stealth general of the 3 talented GLA generals. He is an important political figure in the Middle East, and has an excellent spy network to do his bidding. Prince Kossad is a stealth general, but he does not have any access to any unique units. However, he has many modifications to his army. All structures can be hidden by camo netting, and workers can be camouflaged when you camouflage your supply stash.
Rebels and base defenses are all camouflaged to start with. The hijacker is always available. The GPS Scrambler can be used in Level 3, and has a shorter recharge time. Seems a very terrifying foe, eh? Not really! Prince Kossad has a vital weakness. It is that he CANNOT make use any tanks or the SCUD Launcher! So, any sneak attacks can be ended relatively quickly if you respond.

Now, you start with some demo traps and a couple of workers and a command center. Build your base as usual, but not as tightly as before, as the enemy cannot make use of heavy weapons like the Tanks and SCUD Launcher.

You have 3 Radar Vans to start with, and you can use the Radar Scan thrice!

Watchful Tip! Abusing the Radar Scan
Always build Radar Vans in quantity when you play a multiplayer game. Then you can really continuously scan the map for intruders! Radar Vans can also be used to squish stealthy units! (But not Hero Units)

Now, as you build your base, continuously scan the map for his troops. Build a force of Marauder Tanks, Toxin Tractors, Quad Cannons and Technicals filled with Rebels. You can now go hunting! Take a Jarmen Kell to snipe at the enemy rocket infantry, but beware of other snipers!

Move into the town to the north, there are some RPG Troopers here and there, and can be taken out by your Quad Cannons. Do the same with the Tunnel Network. Continue to go north, and you will eventually reach their first base. Wipe everyone out and capture their command center. You now have the GPS Scrambler!

As soon as you have captured the command center, build some Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks by the bridge to secure the area, then you can work on your next strike.

There is an extra supply dock to the west of your base. Send workers there to collect the supplies when the current are exhausted.

Now, send in Toxin Tractors to clear those 2 bunkers across the bridge, then build a team of 2 Quad Cannons and about 4 Rocket Buggies, and bring Jarmen Kell Along.

Get across that bridge, and play our latest piece of work, rocket "ballad" (bad accent again by those Rocket Buggies!)! Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh! That's really musical indeed. Kill everyone, taking care of the Demo Traps and capture the Command Center to the south west with a Rebel, you now have the sneak attack!

Fast Tip! Catch me if you can

Now, we have to quickly build a team of bomb trucks, this is because, Prince Kossad will have built a SCUD Storm any minute now, and you will have 5 minutes before he uses it. If he really has built a SCUD Storm, perform a sneak attack on the south west corner of his base. Then bomb truck the weapon into submission. After that, you can just continue to sneak attack from time to time into their base, and eventually you will be able to reach Prince Kossad's Command Center and destroy it. Just watch out for the Bunkers and the Palace, as Prince Kassad has been smart enough to garrison it full of RPG Troopers.




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